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Holocaust - Full View
Full view

Holocaust - Figures
Close-up of the figures

Holocaust - Profile
Profile view

Steel Worker  Steel Worker
Steel Worker with red lighting (left) and without red lighting (right)

Eagle Landing
Eagle Landing

WWII Solider - Front  WWII Solider - Back
WWII Solider front view (left) and WWII Solider back view (right)

Open Commissions

What Is An Open Commission?

An open commission is a formed idea for a larger sculpture or monument that is waiting to be realized. An open commission becomes available when a project is halted during the initial phases or Susan has an idea for a monument that moves her to design a maquette. In both situations a maquette is developed but the funding is not available for the full size sculpture to be created.

The hope for these open commissions is they will fit a new client's needs in their current state or in a variation of their current state, saving the client the time and cost of developing an idea and maquette from scratch.


This maquette was originally created by Susan because she wanted to create a monument memorializing those who lost their lives during the Holocaust as well as reminding and educating viewers about the tragedy of the Holocaust in the hope that it will never be repeated or forgotten.

The figures in the Holocaust maquette represent all those who were persecuted during the Holocaust. Viewed from your left to right the figures represent homosexuals, lost innocence, Jewish people, gypsies and political prisoners, starvation of body and spirit (the baby), and the infirmed. Approximately 6 million Jewish people were lost during the Holocaust, and each of the figures also represents 1 million of those Jewish people.

The wall surrounding the figures is an exact duplicate of the electrified fence that surrounded concentration camps. As a full sized monument the wall will be 9 feet high. A special artists barbed wire which is safe to touch will be used for the fence, allowing the public to walk into the memorial and touch the figures, as well as look through the fence and out at the freedom beyond the barbed wire.

The base of the monument is simply dirt and rocks, meant to be a barren reminder of the lives stepped on. The figures will each be lighted by one white light placed at their feet. These lights will be the only illumination at nigh to show the stark reality of what happened during the Holocaust.

Steel Worker

The Steel Worker was created as an homage to Pittsburgh's past. Susan grew-up in working class neighborhood full of steel workers and very aware of the importance of the steel industry to the people of Pittsburgh.

The three streams of metal flowing from the ladle represent our three rivers. The deco style gathering of the metal at its base represents the forging  of the city.

Eagle Landing

The Eagle Landing sculpture was designed to become a large bronze, with a 6 foot wing span to sit on top the glass dome entry of an Aviary and be viewed from underneath. The eagle shows its power and magnificence in a non-threatening way by landing, not hunting.

WWII Soldier

This WWII Solider was commissioned for the 99th Battalion Base in Pittsburgh to honor the soldiers who fought during WWII. The base before the 18 ft bronze project could be completed and the project was abandoned.

Are You Interested In One Of The Open Commissions?

If you are interested in funding one of these open commissions please contact Susan Wagner by email at classicsculpture2000@yahoo.com. Susan will respond within 3 business days.